Hello.. Just a Queen delivering Supplies to Jeddah

Since people been doing some deliveries in infinite flight and tried out like the 747 and other cargo planes to fly with so I took a Lufthansa 747 for a spin and went smoothly as the winds pushed me farther

Flight Time: 1:59
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400 (Lufthansa)
Server: EXpert

Taken off with people in the gates or in line

Foggy mountains passing by in Africa

Smoothly flying through Tigray

Heading back North

Descending into the Red Sea

Cabin view on approach

Normal on final and feeling Light

Kinda sucked the crosswind landing but no passengers were hurt

(note): I might stop doing this for like a month or week because i kinda screw up the editing and abusing some of the categories so i dont know and i felt like boring since its just the SAME as me everyday so last one is tomorroow


ALSO I feel like ive gotten alot more infamous so I will just do something different