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9 hours 41 Minutes

Hello, this is Jeb Brooks from greenergrass.com today we’re in Moscow for a special flight on board Aeroflot.🇷🇺

I arrived early at SVO airport for our 7:30 departure and headed straight to the Aeroflot Business class lounge.

After a hour in the lounge Boarding began, and I headed down to the gate where the Boeing 777 awaits.

Being in business class has its perks and I was the first passenger to board the aircraft, which was nice as there ended up being 385 passengers on this 402 seat aircraft

This is my view for today’s flight in seat 4K

An airport firefighter was driving around the airfield and pulled over to take a picture of our aircraft as it took off

Shortly after takeoff, the crew came around with breakfast. There was a choice of eggs or a yogurt and fruit, I decided to go with the eggs and a small Espresso.

I slept for a long portion of the flight and woke up only about 2 hours away from Shanghai

As it was getting late and we were approaching the destination, the crew decided to serve the second meal of the flight, which was dinner. There was a choice of Chinese noodles and chicken or Russian beef borscht, I decided to go with the borscht and it was actually really good.

We had a rather hard landing into Shanghai at around 10:30 at Night local🇨🇳

Welcome to Shanghai🇨🇳 overall, the flight was really good, the crew was friendly and the food was delicious, the lounge in Moscow had recently been redesigned and was a warm and inviting space with lots of natural light, the flight was 9 hours and 41 minutes but the time change definitely made it seem longer. Overall it was a great experience, and I am eager to try some other Aeroflot aircraft including their A330 and new A350 in the white livery. And as always, between now and the next time see you in the sky.

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Where’s the Jebscore and his outro?

But for the most part this is really well made! 👍


I added the outro, i had meant to add it but I forgot


Hi this looks really good I have always thought about making food and then showing it as if it was on the plane

“Hello, this is Jeb Brooks from greenergrass.com today we’re in Moscow for a special flight on board Aeroflot.”


“Suzanne didn’t want to go on this journey”


Where suzanne lol, i love it. Nice work

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I think Suzanne had to much jet lag from the last trip

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Bro really just took a picture of his breakfast 💀

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Yes I actually made that soup for dinner


As soon as I saw the “hello jet setters” I know it was something related to Jeb Brooks lol!



i love Jeb and you did this pfect, nice shots!


Interesting take on Jeb Brooks!

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