Hello Infinite flight i have a question for you guys

Hi infinite i love 20.2 by the way i have a suggestion would the 737 get a cargo variant and also would you guys ever add the 737 max in infinte flight and also would the 737 -900 get some new skin that is out with the different airlines company

We will never know but you can search for these in #features and if someone else hasn’t posted about it then feel free to make a feature request!

Hello! Vote for the 737F and MAX here:

Feel free to browse the #features category for more -900 liveries.

I don’t think this is a thing therefore I don’t think that this will make it in.

Yes, it is. Primary operators are Prime Air (converted -800s from Sun Country), FedEx (in Europe), and ASL Airlines. I see several Prime Air 737s in and out of AFW near my house every day.

Photo by me


what i ment was add into infinite flight 737 family

Yep! You can vote for it to be added in the linked threads!


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i did thx you

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Please use the #features category and take a look at some of the posts linked above.