Hello IFC, I am new here

Hello everyone 👋,I am Cristiano,I am glad to be a part of community. Anything I should pay attention?


Welcome Cristiano!

Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community. Please have a browse through some of the topics below. These are guides that will help flourish your experience here. There is also information created by the community and moderators that will help you understand how this forum works.

General Forum Guidelines

A Beginners Guide to the Forum

The Moderation on the Forum

Respect on the Forum

Tutorial Guides

The two guides below are for both the Pilot and Air Traffic Controller (ATC). They will link you to specific information for each role. These tutorials were created by FDS staff members; Mark our Pilot Community Manager, and Tyler our ATC Community Manager.

Pilot Tutorial Guide

ATC Tutorial Guide

All the best,



Also as an extra tutorial check out this too

How to use the IFC

basically going to teach you the different formats and all that


That’s a very handy tutorial, I forgot about that.


Hi,new friend!Welcome to IFC!😊


Thank you very much 😊

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Welcome aboard on IFC! We are proud you here. Enjoy!

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Hello and welcome to the community I hope you enjoy it here!

Here’s a quick little run down of everything and some abbreviations you may come across.

New User (Trust Level 0): This is the first TL you will receive when you first join.

Basic User (Trust Level 1): This is the second TL you will receive after spending a bit of time here, it will also unlock more forum features.

Member (Trust Level 2): This is third TL that you will receive after 30 days of being on here, it will unlock even more forum features.

Regular (Trust Level 3): This is the fourth TL you can receive, to earn it takes a lot of time and dedication, it will also unlock more forum features.

Leader (Trust Level 4): This is the fifth and final TL you can earn, you can only earn it by manual promotion from a staff member on the forum, it unlock even more features. If you get promoted to moderator you’ll receive even more features and unlock all the possible features if you get promoted to admin.

Biggest thing is not to ask for a higher Trust Level as it will not happen.

IFC: Infinite Flight Community
IFVARB: Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board
IFATC: Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control
IFAET: Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team
VA: Virtual Airline
VO: Virtual Organisation

Everyone on here is here to help you, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask them.

To learn even more about the forum have a read of the topic below.

If you need some help formatting here’s a topic to help you:

And lastly if you have any further questions about the forum please do ask them and we’ll be happy to help you.

See you around mate!


Oh, that’s very nice, thanks bro

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Welcome to the community! Everyone above mentioned some really good links! If you ever have any questions, feel free to message any moderator and we’ll be glad to help you out with any queries you may have!



Welcome to the community!

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Thank you very much 😊
@Qantas094 @Vinne etc. I am sorry I can’t tag everyone. I can only tag two.

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Welcome to the community, we hope you enjoy yourself here!

This lasted all of 30 minutes.

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Hello! Enjoy your time on the IFC, I’m sure you’ll love it!

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Hi new here, I’m dad

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Omg,you don’t

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@Ecoops123 @Brisbane_Aviator Thank you

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Welcome to the community, @anon74729704! If you still need anything (even after all those linked recourses) feel free to reply or PM me or any of your fellow Community members! And I’m happy to do a group flight sometime, just PM me.

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Thanks bro 😊

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WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY @anon74729704 I hope you’ll blossom :)

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