Hello, I will take a 17 19-hour flight today. Is there a route you can recommend?

Hello, I want to make a flight of 17 or 19 hours via Infinite Flight. Is there a route you can recommend?

Hamburg to the Falkland islands Lufthansa A350-900. This flight actually happened in real life!

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Feel free to check this out :)

This ones hard. Most ultra long hauls usually top at 17 hours (ie: SFO-DEL, AUH-LAX).

The only three I know of that would qualify between 17 and 19 hours would be:




Hmm Can You Send Me Hamburg And Falkland İCAO Codes

Thank You So much

Considering there are only 8 scheduled flights in the world with a duration of over 17 hours, you are limited, but here they are:

JFK-SIN Singapore A350-900
AKL-DOH Qatar 777-200LR
PER-LHR Qantas 787-9
AKL-DXB Emirates 777-200LR / A380-800
LAX-SIN Singapore A350-900
SFO-BLR Air India 777-200LR
IAH-SYD United 787-9
DFW-SYD Qantas 787-9 / A380-800



JFK to SIN is also a real life route…

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Dang, times are changing. Still the longest route in the world is EWR-SIN.

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Here is the Flight plan from Hamburg to Falklands:
EDDH GULMI KOMOT AKUXO ULPEN LNO RASCA FAMEN BSN RESMI DEKOD DISAK DEPOM CTX GUSON LMG VELIN SAU BEGUY PPN VASUM BAN PINAR CJN NASOS ANZAN BLN MGA PIMOS GALTO RBT SLK PELAX MABAP ADM TEKNA AMLOK SOLNA LAY KEMUL GUPEL KETAS BIKIS YF YF BOMSA INIRO TAROT 1100N/02000W 1000N/02000W 800N/02100W 600N/02200W 500N/02200W 300N/02300W 100N/02400W 000N/02400W 200S/02400W UDIGA BILUX EMTUP DESEX POLVO UBKAL REDUP PABUT EKALO 2500S/03800W 2600S/03800W 2800S/03900W 3000S/04000W 3100S/04100W 3300S/04200W 3400S/04300W 3600S/04400W 3700S/04500W 3900S/04600W 4100S/04700W 4200S/04800W 4400S/05000W 4500S/05100W 4700S/05300W 4800S/05400W 5000S/05600W 5100S/05700W EGYP

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Well, guess there’s really no reason now to ever fly to Newark airport 😂


Nah, JFK is 3 miles longer


Yesterday I Fly YSSY TO EGLL TO 19 Hours But The Flight Is Very Amazing Route

Sometime in 2020 Air Tahiti Nui flew their 787-9 from NTAA directly to LFPG which was around an 18 hour flight if I remember correctly.

Noumea to Paris

Bangalore (VOBL) - San Francisco (KSFO) Air India 77L
This is an actual flight. They used to operate it until couple months ago. This route has been temporarily closed but it will start again soon!

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A great one (which I went on) is Jeddah to Auckland or vis versa on 777 or 787