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how can I download my flight replay and turn it into a video to edit time lapse?

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There’s no way to save the replay as a video. You’ll have to simply screen-record the whole replay.


for example, long flights, your phone will run out of memory with no choice?

Unfortunately, yeah. I mean, you’ll have to screen record for 12+ hours (or whatever is the time of your flight). That can eat up quite a lot of the phone memory/storage space.


If you have a MacBook you could use QuickTime player to record your flight which is a better option since you no longer have to transfer the recording from you iPad/iPhone to your laptop

As mentioned above, you have to screen record the entire part that you’d like to speed up… It’s a very lengthy process but the outcome can be nice :)


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I know it’s more fun to make videos on multiplayer, but remember if you’re in solo mode, you have the incredible superpower of speeding up the flight by x5 when the autopilot is on. That could save you some time :D


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