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Hello Infinite Flight Community Good afternoon 2:46 Cupertino time,I want to do a delivery flight on my virtual airline Kahului Air and I used factory colors and I was wondering if there is a way to add a livery to infinite flight planes
(If no can it be added)

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Third party liveries cannot be added sadly. The only liveries are those added/developed by the Infinite Flight LLC developers


You may create a Feature Request for the specific livery (In your case Kahului Air) that you want to or Vote on a already existing one, in the hopes of that the Developers will see it and add into the game in the future.

Only they have the power and rights to add new liveries to planes, you may only request and vote for one.

To create Features Request, you need to be TL2, you are currently TL1, so keep liking, posting and contributing to the community and you should be soon.

Here are two basic guides to get you going :)

Hey! In order to post in #features you have to be TL2. Keep reading, liking, and posting and you will be there in no time! But you can vote for other feature requests at TL1.

Thanks I will love to be level 2 thing but I would appreciate if a mod can tell me what t need left

The requirements for TL2 are not published. Just stay active and you will get there.

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