Hello I have a question about auto coordination

Is it easier to control on the ground with this on or off I’m asking support because you guys know your stuff

I usually don’t use it

Just wondering what the easiest taxi configuration is in settings

Please only use #support for technical issues with the app, thank you :)

I think it’s easier to have auto coordination turned off, but some users find it harder without…
It’s not a black or white answer… it’s up to what you feel works best.


I’ve noticed since the last update the planes are more sensitive to touches

That is most likely to simulate realism. Everyone has different preferences, just play around with the settings a bit and you will find what you like best.

I can give you my 2 cents…

I started 5-6 years ago (wow time flies!) with auto-coordination on. About 1 year ago I discovered that we had something called settings, and looking deeper into it found things I ignored.

Now, I am going through the rough process of getting used to auto-coordination “off” (steer with rudder) just because it’s more realistic.

I totally understand that you may have issues with it and find it a bit hard, but I can guarantee you, it will bring your experience to a new level!

I have Auto Coordination ON since I have yet to see a B777 turn while taxiing with the Rudder…

It’s easier for me to have it turned ON sinceI only use the Rudder on Takeoff/Landing + (With Crosswinds).

Since I mainly fly Heavies and don’t turnaround with the Rudder while taxiing, therefore I keep the Auto Coordination On, since that is the only other somewhat more realistic way I have of maneuvering the aircraft.

But then again it’s totally up to you how you would like to have it, I find it very efficient and effective to exit a runway when having Auto Coordination ON, allows me to use Rudder to adjust crosswind landings and getting plane to the center if I happen to touchdown to either side (left or right) and also at the same time I can reverse thrust and slow down to quickly vacate the runway, so the traffic can flow on easily.

That’s just me, you do your own thing. It’s works fine both way, I have tried both and I find both very similar in how easy they are to use but I personally perfer to have it ON :)

Ok I usually have it on I was wondering about it but I guess I should keep that off

That’s your choice.

I find it very inconvenient and unrealistic to turn a Heavy aircraft like the 787, 777, A330, A380, etc… with the Rudder while taxiing.

If it is while Taking Off or Landing, with ot without crosswind, only then I may use the Rudder to adjust and make a safe landing.

So I keep it ON, but you may do what you feel like is easier, basically what you prefer the most :)

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