Hello guys it’s Jeb Brooks from-

Hello jetsetters! it’s Jeb Brooks from greenergrass.com and today, we’re at JFK airport at the gate, we’re flying a British airways A321 inaugural to London Heathrow, the flight time will be 6 hours and 11 minutes, with a full-lie-flat business class seat, and I’m pretty excited. The cake, and everything Is ready for the inaugural. Here;s the A321 that we will be flying today.

Now we’re sitting in row 2, it;s only a 1x1 configuration on this flight. Business class was cheap ranging from 122-200 US dollars. Now before takeoff, I was asked for a pre-flight drink, and of course I had to go with the Orange juice. I was so excited to be one of the first people to ride an A321 across the pond, even if it’s not the LR, or XLR

Now taxiing to the runway, everybody on the aircraft is filled with excitement, and even the crew are, captain made the usual inaugural announcement, and the before takeoff announcement. It took us 4 minutes until we were cleared for takeoff due to severe wind.

Full power, we rotated off the ground, and we’re on our way, claps throughout the cabin were heard, and everybody was smiling and looking out of the window. I knew it was gonna be a smooth flight already, as it was special. Very special. Also, this BA 787 is in the shot, and I later found out British personnel was on that flight, I hope nobody got in trouble.

Cruising altitude, and I ate some fish and chips with Orange juice. It’s clear skies, and will be for the rest of the flight until descent. There’s endless shows on British Airways. You will never get bored basically. For dinner, it was steak, with mashed potatoes, and any drink of choice. Of course the drink I chose was. Orange juice.

Descent is happening and we’re cloud surfing. It’s about to be night, and we’re number 12 in line for landing. Now, I’m not sure why British air pilots call it this, but they call London airspace The training server, I wonder why.

And finally, touchdown. Once again, claps can be heard and captain said he was greatly thankful for us to come on the flight.

And this is it, our gate. We were welcomed by staff with a cake, water, and t-shirts. We were greeted by fellow aviation enthusiasts wanting to see the beauty arrive.

And a final goodbye.

Yes, I know I’m not really Jeb Brooks, but I know atleast some of you want to be him for one day. This is also a joke, don’t take it seriously and don’t be mad at me in the comments for pretending to be Jeb Brooks

Aircraft: A321
Airline: BA
Route: KJFK - EGLL
Flight time: 6 hours 11 minutes
Server: TS (Training)


As a Jeb Brooks fan, I thought this was actually pretty good! He makes some of the best flight reviews on YouTube.


I totally agree; I’m a fan. His reviews are truly honest (unlike Sam Chui), and he isn’t biased. And also, @Icey, great job!


What was the JebScore for this flight? 😂


Ngl that was actually pretty good


This is great! Loved it! Well done :)


I love this! 😂


Thanks for the kind comments! I couldn’t do this without Jeb Brooks!


As a Jeb Brooks from greenergrass.com watcher, this was great!

Very creative @Icey!

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“Between now and the next time, see ya in the skies”


Thank you DeltaFoxo

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I can’t 😂🤣

I need more of these topics


Lol! I love the photos, and Jeb Brooks makes some of the best reviews out there, what is the Jeb Score @Icey?

Which reminds me, I shall go to his channel, and see what’s new!

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damnnn i wish i could try 21.1 but i have a device that is not supported with 21.1 :(

Cabin crew all the time: APPLE OR ORANGE JUICE FOR YOU SIR
and theres no menu how am I supposed to know what chix or fish contains

Question for All: Name me some airlines that have menus in economy class

Brilliant - very funny.

@WeiYangAvgeek I’m pretty sure the Gulf airlines do.

Hi @BennyBoy_Alpha, saw you at London Heathrow the other day.
Hoped you enjoyed your flight to Jersey.

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Man I thought you were actually Jeb Brooks for a second there lol.

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I hope the orange juice and fish and chips was

Yum yum good. Yum yum good.