Hello from the Dreamliner

Just a quick hello to the community from the 787 :)
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What flight is that to? Are you a first officer or something? But cool, I guess?

Hi there from the ground! 👋🏻

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It is a TestFlight and as I have to change from the 747 to the new 777-9 i am learning some system behaviors that both aircraft have in common ( the 787 and the 777-9 )


That’s nice! She’s a beauty isn’t?

The 747 ? Of course 😍

…wait or did you mean another aircraft 🤔

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Is it your choice to transition to the B777-9 or is that required by your company?

Of course they can not force you but if they ask you and you say no then it’s also … you know what I mean… but it will keep me a little bit longer then normal on long range before before I need to go back to short range and then have to fly the A320. And I like the long range. It’s very relaxing.

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Ah, I’m sure it will be a great aircraft to fly. Really loookig forward to seeing it out operating flights. Why do you have to go back to the A320, same thing is that your choice or SOP? Sorry for all the questions, we don’t have many pilots around 😂

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Lucky! Hope you keep posting these kind of things!

Very cool

Thats kinda automatic process within our company…
After finishing our flight school for everybody it will look like this:

5 years FO on A319/320/321
5 years FO on A330/340/350 or A380 or B747-400/747-8 or MD11 or 777F ( and soon the 777-9 )
2-4 years SFO on the aircraft you are flying
5-7 years CPT on A319/320/321 and then finally, after around 20 years of flying, you become captain on one of the wide bodies.


What airline is that for? Sounds interesting.

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The airline is the biggest airline in Europe…and its headquarter is in Germany…and CEO is a former A320 captain who still keeps his license valid.

( I thought you asked for which airline the test 787 is, that’s what i couldn’t say , therefore my question if u know about a-ha and from which country they are, if u asked for which airline it is that I have to go back on the A320 , it’s the airline from Germany )

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Hmm. Ok… odd but I understand.

A-ha’s best song produced was Take on Me.

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So could that be Norwegian?? I got it. Remember I said it not you :-)

How much training does it require and how often?

I’ve always been curious about these sorts of certifications for new aircraft, and incorporating them into an airline for the first time. You seem like the guy to ask!

Oh. Sorry. I should’ve phrased it better. I was asking which airline you fly for. 🙂

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I’m going to guess Lufthansa lol They’re also the launch airline for 777X

The preparation for a new aircraft type in the fleet started already when it was ordered. Since then many devisions within the company are involved, for example:

  • the engineers, they already visit the Boeing factory in EVT and are following every step of the production from the first part that arrives ( I think it’s the vertical stabilizer ) until rollout. Also they go to the engine manufacturer GE in Cincinnati where they already train to change an engine- on a test engine in a stand. Plus they already got their type training at Boeing, later our airline is allowed to do the trainings on their own.

  • Then of course pilot training. As there are no simulators certified as of know, because the test aircraft have not flown yet, we have to wait. The simulator excist already and will be fed with flight data step by step .Also, like me, we had the opportunity to fly the 787 and play around with their systems which are a good preparation but nothing else.

  • Cabin crews will train in their 777 cabin simulator their emergency procedures.

  • Catering will train with their trucks how and where to position and how to cater for a full flight.

  • The fuel companies will train to fuel the aircraft and to defuel the aircraft

  • Later, when the fleet chief will ferry the aircraft to Germany it takes another month to install our airline specific emergency equipment, our placards, the galley equipment and so on.

  • After the simulator has been approved by the authorities we get our type training which includes hours of touch and goes somewhere in Germany, most likely in Leipzig or where we have good crosswinds. First, all the check captains, our training captains, then the other Captains, then the senior and first officers.

  • Then it will start flying with passengers within Germany, mostly between Hamburg,Frankfurt and Munich ,where the maintenance bases are, just in case we need technical support.

Boeing announced already the rollout date, it will be March 13, 2019


What makes you think he is?

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