Hello Expert my old friend.....we have come to meet again

The last time I said I would meet with y’all in the skies on Expert, I am glad to say I am officially an Expert pilot again. It took a C172 and ALOT of pattern work. But, we have met at last.

Now my question is simple, B737-800 or A350? That question I leave to y’all as my main airliner. Also what’s your favorite routes? Both short and long haul.

Very nice work. I would say 737 as your main. A very good route would be mynn-kmia

Hello Sam,

Awesome to see that you’ve worked hard to get back onto the Expert Server. I personally love both the 738 and the A350, so I can’t help you out much there, but for routes and alike, I recommend checking out this topic linked below:

Hope this helps you out mate, and once again… welcome back to the Expert Server! 😊


Welcome back to ES! See you in the skies!