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Hello everyone I have a short question which is I am on the 1 month pro package of infinite flight and then due to insufficient funds I cannot re-apply for IF’s 1 month pro plan and this Sunday I will re-subscribe my question package is that before I expire the pro package, I have to log in IF by google account and connect to the Infinite flight account, so when I return to the game, yes got my flight time reinstated from zero because my account was in grade 3 and I had 109 flight hours, 136 landings 🤔🥺


So your all time stats will remain, your 90 day rolling currency will change.

If that’s what you are meaning?


@Nhat_IF123 if you are not sure what this means - essentially your 90 day landing count and flight time stats will go down over time - you will then drop to Grade 2 if your 90 day landing count drops below 15.

You would also drop to Grade 2 if your 90 day flight time drops below 10 hours.

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