Hello everybody!

Hi! I’m the Mint time and I’m living in South Korea. I’m grade 3 in infinite flight for now. I hope l meet everybody at the Infinite flight.


Hello, how’s thing going?

I’m grade three too! Hope to see you on expert server

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Yeh I’m also grade 3. Hope to see you somewhere on the game.

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Hello mate. Welcome 👍. How you have a great time here, getting to know everyone and stuff.

Here is a topic made by one of our moderators, a beginners guide to the forum. Enjoy bro 👍✌️


안녕하세요! Welcome to the community! I do hope you will enjoy your stay in this community. I can say that you won’t regret your choice of joining this community ☺️

For beginners, you can check out the topic @Mavic linked above. It provides a great tutorial of how the community works. Also, here’s some basic rules that should be able to help you to navigate the community


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me, or other members in this community. We would be very happy to help you out 😊

읽어주셔서 감사합니다! 😀

Still trying to learn more about Korean language btw. Sorry if I made any grammar mistakes 😅
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Wow!! Your Korean Language skill is very good!! Every body in this community are really kind… 감사합니다~


Thank you!


Welcome! It’s great to have you!

Rip me… I don’t have global right now and I could buy it but I don’t have much time for it… School…

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