Hello EHAM!

InfiniteFlight_2019-05-12-13-58-50 InfiniteFlight_2019-05-12-13-59-31 InfiniteFlight_2019-05-12-13-57-13

I came to EHAM and saw some pilot friends. And they saw me… Hello EHAM!

TS, Approximately 13.30z, EGLL to EHAM.

And a bonus:


Nice! Take that up.

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EGLL to EHAM must be one of the most flown routes on infinite flight because their is always a couple of flights doing the same route

I agree, in my opinion, main reasons are;

  1. they are so close each other.
  2. they are capitals and metropolis of different countries. It makes us feel it international flight instead of regional or domestic flights.
  3. usually people don’t have time more than 45 mins etc.
  4. where there are many aircrafts, there are other users.
  5. departing (and waiting takeoff queue as if in real life) from a crowd EGLL and arriving to nice runways of EHAM are unique flavours.