Hello community

Hello my fellow community, I feel like with the wow air ceasing operations we should give it some love and start flying it more just like other airlines that really dident get love and thing about it ¿what have they been through? So I feel like this should grow and touches you but for me #Lets make airlines great again

•Departing on airports like whiteman in Pacoima near Burbank that need love

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Well… You can go a head and fly one of WOW’s aircraft, there was a good bye celebration on IF yesterday or something.


So on top of what I said related to flying more aircraft not getting the love they need like mexicana-click etc. I feel like people should go to airports with no love like whiteman in Pacoima near Burbank etc.

People will do what people want to do. Where there is more traffic, people will usually follow. Although it would be nice to see some under appreciated airports get some love.

If you’re flying WOW don’t forget to stop by KPIT… 😉

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