Hello Community

Ok I will start giving everyone in the community emojis

Hello and welcome @CaptainBarney! We’re glad to have you here! If you ever have any questions about the community or Infinite Flight in general, feel free to PM me. My inbox is always open. :)



Tip: read the #tutorials; they’re great!

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Sorry it doesn’t let me put 60,000 plus emojis

It said that the limit is like 37,000 I think and that I entered 67,000

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Haha, how long did it take for you to type that? Or did you just copy and paste?

Took me more than 2 days I did it one by one
For some odd reason…
I was bored
Just added like 10 more

I also have Hi translated into every language that google translate has

HihiمرحباՈղջու՜յնhiহাইhiпрывітаннеZdravoздрастиhiholahi嗨嗨salutebokAhojHejHoiHihiTerehiMoisalutolaგამარჯობაHalloγειαહાયhihihuiהייनमस्तेnyob zooSziahæHiHaiHaighCiaoこんにちはhiಹೈсәлемសួស្តី안녕merhebaсаламhiSalveSveikiLabasSalutЗдравоHihiഹായ്hihiहायСайн байна ууनमस्तेHeihiسلامسلامcześćOihiBunăЗдравствуйtalofahiЋаоmhoroهاءِහයිAhojŽivjohihiHolahihiHejхандவணக்கம்hiสวัสดีMerhabaПривітہیلوXush kelibsizChàohihoimholwenihihihi

Oh geez. That’s a whole lot of hi.


Just want to jump on the bandwagon to say hello and welcome to our little community! I hope you enjoy your time here

I will enjoy it and hello lol 😂

Hello and bye for now. Late dinner time for me and some down time to catch up with fellow IFC members :)

PS- Be good and catch up on the community guidelines!