Hello community i have a question about the sukhoi superjet 100-95

hello my question is what aircraft do we have in if currently that is the closet and most realistic aircraft to the sukhoi superjet 100-95

probably the embraer e190

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The Airbus A220?

Okay thanks for those two options

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As someone who had his hands on all 3 aircraft I would say that neither the E190 nor the A220 can be compared to the Superjet.

Both the A220/CSeries and the EJet out perform the Superjet on almost every aspect.
It’s still a ‘pocket rocket’ tho with a bigger fuel tank than the E190 and a greater MTOW but if you’re looking for power and range, the A220 is the best choice

A318 could be used as well for the mission that is similar to superjet

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