Hello, coming back to play IF for a bit


I am back to play infinite flight again after a long break ^^

I have to say I really love the new changes to the game, not to mention WSSS having nice details now =D I wonder hows things and what’s changed with the community so far.

With the covid issue going around, im really seeing enough time to do extra things like flying xD


Glad to see you back! Hope you have a good time, things have certainly changed since you were last here. Thanks for coming back, hope to see you in the skies!

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how long has it been since you played?

Great to see you back!


Welcome back! Things have certainly changed, both here on the IFC and in Infinite Flight. I hope you enjoy it :)


I think nearing 2 years plus. Got really busy and jaded with aviation at one point so ive been spending these 2 years with sailing buddies (sisters of aerodynamics) xD

Never uninstalled the game though.

Coming back now I am certain rusty =p I forgot to put my flaps up about 10 mins in cruising now ._.


Oh wow while here is a list of some of the changes.

777 Rework

A3 18/19/20/21 Rework

B737-700 737-800 737-900

Xcub Added

New GA aircraft reworks/additions C172 rework Daher Tbm added

and last but not the A350!!! if I missed anything let me know. I hope this was helpful

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P.S i meant to put rework after i talked about the 737

@Yunkeru these were just cockpit reworks. Live instruments were the only things added, but still super neat :)

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that is what I meant. sorry for the confusion.

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All good! I was just clarifying for @Yunkeru. I knew exactly what you meant :)

nice! Im actually doing a short 2 hour on 737-700 right now and I have to say I’m loving the cockpit rework as it’s one of my most flown aircraft ^^

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glad to see you back

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Nice, I highly recomend doing KSFO-PHNL in the 738 in United (new livery), did a stream on my YT channel TONS of fun!

love that route too, think I did a few of those few years back. for now im doing asia WSSS to VTBS flight.

I’m happy that the singapore malaysia region is HD now xD

nice! have fun!

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Hey, you may not know me, but it’s great to see you coming back to IF! Hope you enjoy it, because so much has changed!

If you want to do a group flight sometime, I’d be happy to! Just send a PM. 😁


kinda missed the semi casual aspect of flying xD I think that is perhaps whats great about IF, its polished and it scratches that itch =p

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Oh, you’re from Singapore too! Glad to see another Singaporean player 🙂😉

hello! thank you ^^

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