Hello anyone and everyone!

Hello fellow aviators that are reading!

I just joined the community and want to say hello to everyone that I’ve been seeing on the community before creating an account. It’s really good to actually have one now! As a new user, I’ll try me best to interact correctly throughout the community and in the actual game. (I’m at grade 3 if anyone is wondering) Well, that’s all. Have a great day! :)

(Also please correct me if I’ve done anything wrong here…)


Welcome to the community! We’re happy to have you here!

You can familiarise yourself with the way the IFC works through the topic below:


If you have any questions, feel free to ask away! Once again, welcome, and hope you enjoy your time here :)


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In addition to CaptainSooraj I would recommend you joining the official Discord server if you want to feel a bit warmer in this community. Welcome once again!

Welcome to the forum, it’s always nice seeing new users! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a DM! (By clicking on my username and pressing the “message” button :)

Hope you like it here!

A very warm welcome to the community to you @Captain_ATK :)

Thank you, I’ve already read most of the guide, but will be sure to look it over again in case if I missed anything :)

Same with everyone here.

Hello and welcome to the community

Welcome to the IFC captain!

You’ll have a great time here, people are friendly and it’s really fun!

Hello @Captain_ATK
We are very happy happy to have you here! You will love it!

Hey welcome! I hope you will have an awesome time here. I’m also perfectly fine with getting a few questions in my PM’S, so feel free to do that if you think it’s necessary (or if you just wanna talk!!)

Happy flying!

Welcome mate 🤗

So a very warrn welcome to the Community, (if i can’t texted right my phone is broke.)

As many have said already, welcome indeed!

I just made Grade 3 a short while ago, haven’t quite worked up the nerve to attempt an EGLL arrival, 30-50 incoming makes me think I’m going to fubar something.

Have fun!

Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy your stay.

Im the funny one here

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Welcome to the community! We hope you enjoy your time here!

Dw dude
Flying into busy airports is so much fun!

Hey canton! I’ve seen you in the IF community and in game… one time I think you were doing a ‘around Australia’ even or something and you flew out of Adelaide to maybe Perth. At the time, I was ATC at Adelaide but obviously it just looked like a random guy because I hadn’t made my account yet. So yeah, I’ve seen you…

Thanks anyway!

Welcome to the Community Forum!

Wow ok! And yes I did! I was on training back then.

Welcome to the community!