Hello, and it’s been a while

Hi. I’m back after a long time off the server. Any chance the 742, 744, and 748 will be updated?


Nothing has been confirmed yet, however you’re free to vote for this feature you might be interested in: Boeing 747 Rework


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Nothing till now, I hope it comes next year

The 747 family did receive a very soft rework recently with all three variants getting gear tilt and the 748 getting wing flex.


Well here, is the “waiting” list:

  1. E190
  2. Challenger 350
  3. Aircraft determined by community poll

So, best case scenario, if the B747 does end up winning the vote, I’d say you are looking at about 1 year until its fully reworked and released. This might end up happening, but it does have big competitors that might win the poll as well.

Otherwise, if it doesn’t win the poll, then I would say you are looking at at least 18 months or so. That is if staff decide to rework it anyways, or there is another community poll. If not… who knows.


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