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Hello all have a quick question I recently came back to infinite flight after almost 2 months was a little busy just wondering how do we slow down when we are landing or deal with the cross wind also

How do I fix this to thought it would go away by the time there’s a new update guess it didn’t. Any help would help! I might be flying with other aircrafts to. Cheers!

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Hello there!

Putting the spoilers into FLIGHT mode is key. Also make sure you aren’t descending too quickly.

Take a look at this video for crosswind landings:

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You can deploy the Flight Spoilers, use less Throttle, deploy Flaps, and use the Rudder Brakes while on the Ground!

Put spoilers on flight and put the throttle to 0% until you have reached the reduced speed that you want

It’s all about preplanning and managing your descent. I have a note book that I keep to hand and I have written down the speeds I need to be for landing the different aircraft in IF I fly. I also have written down the speeds and height I need to be AGL for a certain distance away from my destination,

Lastly when I reach the 1000ft call out I aim to be in landing configuration, ie Gear Down, Spoilers Armed, flaps set with speed of about 150kts (for Jets). If not set up like that or not stabilised for final approach then I go around.


Could you PM me a couple pictures of that notebook? It sounds like something that would be pretty useful.

Without question @BennyBoy_Alpha’s official IF Crosswind Landing Airliner Tutorial link is the best possible answer. I think it’s worth re-watching now and then for the visual input cues (imitation leads to mastery).

I totally agree with:

You need to ensure your descent profile is gradual enough, long before you commence your descent.

With that foundation set, then you can add airbrakes, flaps, and gear (gear can be used to reduce excess speed, within limits).

The last two of course have speed deployment limits, and airbrakes only have so much capacity to slow you in too steep a descent. That’s why you need the foundation of a planned gradual descent profile.

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Hello there!

You do know how to fly the Infinite Flight simulator before you came back after 2 months right? You’re experienced?
Just a couple of updates thats all😎
Otherwise I recommend great advice above! 😎

I have had several people asking to see my “notebook” - however the best way to learn to fly these things is to start your own, that way you have a better understanding of the basic principles.

below link is to some early previous discussions which also gives examples :)

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