Hello 777 | Spotting Collage

Hello 777 | Spotting Collage

777s are a common sight in Houston, so I thought I would make a collage of some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Just A Reminder:

All of my photos are copyrighted. Please ask to use my photos!

Spotting Guide:

Here is my spotting guide. Be sure to check it out if you are wanting tips for your own aviation photography. If you are just getting started, that guide is also a great thing to read. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask or PM me.

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The Photos

UA 777-200 Departing for Honolulu (ORD)

UA 777-300ER departing for SFO (ORD)

UA Star 777 at IAH

Qatari 777-200LR landing at IAH

Love China with some trees

UA 772 departing IAH

Turkish 773ER waiting to taxi out.

Qatar 773ER departing for DOH

A panned Emirates 777-300ER departing for DXB

'Merican 772 at DFW

American 773ER spotted from Founders Plaza

UA 773 at IAH

Qatari 772LR for DOH

Emirates 777-300ER

UA 777-200ER

Qatar 772LR

ANA 777-300ER

Turk 777 Batman Vs Superman

Emirates over Houston


Absolutely stunning. Excellent job as usual!


Nice to see so many beautiful pictures of such a magnificent aircraft!


My goodness. WOW!

What lens?


75-300mm with a Rebel T5


Awesome pictures of an awesome bird, another great collection @JRRaviation :)


I’ve always wanted to get into spotting and was wondering what type of camera and lens do you use (if you don’t mind me asking)?

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Sure! I use a Canon Rebel T5 - With 75-300mm lens.

Here is a spotting guide that you may find useful:

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The proper code for this aircraft type (Boeing 777-300ER) is B77W. Just a little thing I wanted to point out.

Your photos are always très bien! Keep up the good work. :)

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It’s either or. Doesn’t really matter in this case.

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And the Jacob strikes again, this is jaw dropping not gonna lie.

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What shutter speed and aperture did you use for the sixth photo? The UA one.

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Lovely photos as usual, Jacob. Anyway, Do you have some shots of Singapore Airlines 77W that used to come to IAH?

Keep up the great job! :)

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Really nice pictures! The lights are perfect!

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I do but they are all horrible :)

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I used this:

F8 - 1/320 - ISO 100

Geez. Stunning work as expected. An hour drive to spot is tough, but one of these days I hope to head out to KIAH and do some legitimate spotting.

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Simply Amazing! You captured the awesomeness of the 777 perfectly!

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Amazing photos! Espicially the night time ones are so crisp clear :)

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I love your pictures. you must have some stunning videos as well.

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