Hello, 2019! (Infinite Flight Movie)

Hello, 2019!

My first attempt at an infinite flight movie, was posted in 2018 as it was meant for New Years, but there was no place to share it then. Hope you enjoy! Feedback is very appreciated.


Things I am aware about:
Not enough variety

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Pretty great video! Keep up the amazing work!


Thanks! Thinking of making another one, don’t know when…

  • Yes, make another movie
  • Yes, ASAP
  • No, Don’t make a new one

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All in all its a good video but not much variety of aircraft. Also it sounds like a bird is singing 😂😉 but please make another video

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The song? Is bad?

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Its a popular EDM song. I like it :)


I’m not a music person 😂😅 I just chose a recommendation on Instagram…

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Woah! Looks like some people want another movie 🍿 Well… you’re in luck, no planned release date, but it’s coming soon 👀

Zoom Zoom 🤭

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Was not able to get the Video in the Time Frame y’all asked for. Its 48 Seconds (A little shorter than normal videos: Format and style is very Different)


Releases before the end of this week!

Liking the Video on Youtube helps my Channel, and makes it so Youtube Shows it to more people, help me and support my Movies by giving them a like ;)

Very good!