Hellenic Air Force C-130H

Greek Airforce C-130 Herucles

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Known specifications

Crew: 5
Engine: C-130B Allison T-56-A7, C-130H Allison T-56-A-15, 4,058 hp.
Wing Span: 40.4 m
Length: 29.8 m
Maximum Speed: 621 km/hour
Service Ceiling (loaded): 7.000m or 23,000 ft
Service Ceiling (empty): 10.000m or 33,000 ft


The C-130 is a four-engine cargo airplane, which is capable of executing various missions. It is one of the most important US aircraft and it is in service in about 40 countries due to its resilience and reliability. The Hellenic C-130s carry out the majority of the air transportations in Greece and are also deployed in humanitarian and fire fighting missions. The C-130 has been in service in the Hellenic Air Force for many years (since1975). Hellenic C-130s belong to the 356 Squadron «Hercules”, which is based in Elefsis airport (112 Combat Wing). They wear the four-color «Vietnam” camouflage.

I would really love to see this Greek livery in Infinite Flight. When I first saw this beauty, I thought it would be a great addition to this game. What do you think? Let me now below and if you really like it don’t forget to vote😉

Source: Hellenic Air Force

This is so needed. The C-130 doesnt have many liveries even though its a relatively new plane(added to IF). It would be a great addition

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I like the livery and would vote, but sadly I’m out of votes! Hopefully this will catch the devs attentions and we’ll see it soon

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Dropping a vote here. This is needed!

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Man this looks awesome, especially the tail!
I will remove a vote for this


We seriously need this! The Greek Air Force + Great livery + C130 = AMAZING PLANE!

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Just giving this a bump. This livery needs to be added!

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Bumping this again! This would be very nice to fly around Greece.