Helipads at lax?

I am currently at lax plane spotting and I saw a helicopter over the airport image image

So I was wondering if there is a helipad for them to land at lax


Nope there are no helipads at LAX. There are always helicopters doing stuff by the airport though. It’s a regular sighting.

These flights are given permission by the ATC to do things on the sides of the runways but never directly over them where they could obstruct (unless needed). If a helicopter needed to land at LAX, they would land directly on a apron (emergencies only).

Check This Out:


Thats pretty cool. I just found the helicopter on Flightradar24 and it belongs to the L.A. police department. Not sure why it was at LAX though. I looked on the map and didnt see any helipads at the airport.

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Heres another picture of were it went

Helicopters can refuel at airports with or without a helipad. Western Power usually land their helicopters at Bristol Airport and sometimes I see police helicopters refuelling there. You don’t need helipads to land.


No, they use nearby airports such as Hawthorne for helicopter operations like tours or photography.

And, since you are spotting, any chance you got an EVA 777 around 3:45pm? Would’ve been on 24R. I was on that plane if you did lol


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