Helios Airways Boeing 737-800

(Yeah I know I already created this topic before but it got closed as it was in the wrong category.)

Anybody else who would love this Livery?
We don’t have any Cypriot airline liveries and it would be great to have a Livery to do some short haul holiday flights in Europe with.

As you can probably tell by my profile name I love Helios and I’d of course also love a Helios Livery for the 737-800.

Wikimedia Commons: Aircraft of Helios Airways (Clicky Clicky) https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Aircraft_of_Helios_Airways

change the title to: Helios Airways Boeing 737-800


That’s a good airline and pretty old.

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Why say it’ll be instantly closed? Our mods do a great job clearing up the clutter here, but they don’t just close every topic, and this doesn’t seem to be a duplicate :)

Anyways, Helios is a great airline and we need more Meditarranean airlines in the game! You have my vote.


Now we will have two liveries to go missing/unknown in…

Seriously though, like tail especially!


I dunno, it just seems like a lot of topics get closed on this site.

The other being Malaysia Airlines?

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That was the idea, but rouge or not awesome livery…

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Yes, but that is either because they are duplicates or don’t contribute to the forum. This is neither.

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Someone will surely recreate the gost plane with this livery:)