Helicopterzzz’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Thanks 😊. @Liam_Smart

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That was a fantastic session! Well done.

  • Great sequencing and clearances
  • Great use of Extend Upwind after the smaller AC joined the pattern
  • You handled their Go Around perfectly
  • Transition altitude spot on
  • Pattern entry, clearance and Make Left Traffic after my transition was great

Excellent work! Are you with a trainer just now? Have you taken your written test? Would love to see you with more traffic! Please let me know if you need any help or when you’re doing an official training session and I’ll try to come along! I’m usually free in the evenings UK time.

Lastly, apologies for having Heavy attached to my callsign! Only noticed during my 6th pattern!

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@Liam_Smart sorry about the cleared for takeoff after the exit runway when able because it glitched I put exit runway when able then exited and somehow it put cleared for takeoff. If I did I would still have to put right or left traffic so a glitch happened

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Closed now thanks for @Liam_Smart and my brother @CaptainBarney for joining

Nice! If i don’t have a trainer, can u give me a trainer?

You need to apply for training, not everyone is eligible for training, also you need to have at least one practical test attempt, between others requirements to be eligible for training.

You can find all informations here if you are interested in getting training

Thanks I’ll check it out.

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@Helicopterzzz I would recommend you do! I think you’d get through training very quickly from what I’ve seen and would be very successful! Let me know if you have any questions.

I’m going to take the practice test first then step up 👍


Hi so you can’t apply for official training with an official IFATC trainer until you have failed ONE PRACTICAL EXAM

Ok thanks, after I take the practice and know I’m ready then I will take the next step

@Liam_Smart when is a good time to open again and I would appreciate if you test me the basics to get a idea of IFATC


Good luck on your written exam read every question carefully. DONT take it until you have enough practice with the practice tests!

@Helicopterzzz You can find the ATC manual of the IF website here: https://infiniteflight.com/guide/atc-manual

Items covered during training are: Ground Awareness, Taxi Instructions, Give Way Commands, Runway Selection, Takeoff Clearances, Pattern Entry, Sequencing, Runway Changes, Transitions, Spacing Maneuvers, Approach Vectors, ILS Approaches, GPS Approaches, Radar Patterns, Instrument Procedures, Center and much more!

Remember you would only get training if you failed your test!

Biggest tip I can give you is to watch the IFATC videos on YouTube, including the “Perfect Test” video! https://youtu.be/wyjs5eWlQZ8

Happy to go over anything with you/try out a few things with you! I’m available most evenings after 1800Z.

Thanks I’ll do that

I’ll be open @ LFMN for a bit


Good news also, I signed my IFATC application and waiting for a trainer to give me my written exam

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I was N6512 and just came down for some pattern work

Nothing to report from me, everything was good.

Thanks. Glad my service was good

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I’m closed now, thanks for all the support

Hello y’all I’m open again today’s airport is @HAAB
Today’s service will be from 2020-07-27T03:35:00Z → 2020-07-27T05:00:00Z


don’t worry if you can’t make it @Collins4486 @Liam_Smart o saw your time zone and it’s a bit early

On my way woody!