Helicopterzzz’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Thought you where leaving because they say once they leave your airspace tell them frequency changed approved


He’s my brother and he was just busy in rl that he acidently started tapping randomly

Good session!
Catch you next time

Well sometimes it’s a trick and I always have to be prepared

IFATC will not trick you like that. IFATC will always use correct procedure. However can trick you in many other ways… However other pilots may not know, which you should ask the pilot their intentions

Sorry but maybe this time i can fix my mistakes

Open @KBOI
Dep runways: 28R
Arr runways: 28L

will not be able to chat during session, only have one device to use

Close sorry I’m not ready


No worries! These tracking threads exist so that people can practice their ATC’ing.

You were doing good, I noticed you messed up a bit when I requested the runway change, but you perfectly fixed that later. Make sure to take a second to double check what you’re sending before sending it, no hurry. This will prevent mistakes

(I was AFKLM363)

Maybe for the next

Now open and will be on my feet hopefully @Oliver02 @MaxMann can assist


Dep and arrival runways are 36

I shud be there in 10 mins

Ok great shall see you soon

Will drop by

Thanks @TheCommentator

@Helicopterzzz is the radar controller with you?

Did I mess up on transition

I will give you feedback at once :)

Coming in at LIML callsign tuiv002

Dont worry you don’t have to contact radar

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Do you want your reply here or in dms

Here because I can explain