Helicopterzzz’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A

Hello guys my other topics are too old, but I’m back with a new. I’m not going to be open yet but I’ll post when I’m open


I am open @NFFN, 1HR, Dep:27,20 Arr:27,20

Edit: Adding 30min more to see if I get a plane

I’m closed now thanks to the 4 planes

Hello I’m open again, but now at YSSY

•Departing runways are 16L

•Arriving are 16R

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I will see if I can join for a bit!

Ok thanks.

I’m closed now

I’m open @RJTT

Departing Runways: 34R

Arriving Runways: 34L

Runway 04 for small planes only like Cessna

When you depart 34R you will be still doing patterns on that one even though 34L is arriving

Would appreciate if a IFATC joined

I’m closed now

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