Helicopterzzz’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I’m open @YSSY

Can a IFATC come like @Sunseeker58 or @TaipeiGuru

I’ll come in a bit, if you’re still open. :)

Same… I’ll cone

Sorry had to end

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I still came

I’m open @ZBAA

Notam: Low Visibility

I know I’m real life they don’t do pattern works but everyone has there opinion

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Hopefully a IFATC comes @TaipeiGuru hint?

Update: Visibility is Bad but then good , it changes

Winds bad also

i am very sorry, not my best flying. im tired, its almost midnight, and visibility sucks

Hey mate! Do you want me to PM the feedback or give it here?

oml my calibration reset sucks

Sorry, too much work at the moment. Looks like Addy stopped by, though, so hopefully I’ll get to come next time! :)

when you dont get mentioned

Feedback here is fine

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Which one where you

No problem

Had to end short

All good! I didn’t stay for long so I only noticed 2 mistakes.

  1. When @anon41771314 was taxiing to rwy 36R you shouldn’t have asked me to taxi to 18R You can either use the 36s or the 18s both can’t be used that’s a big no-no.

  2. When an aircraft announces missed approach you should issue them a go around not a pattern entry but most new controllers make that mistake (including myself) so that’s okay now you know ;)

Overall you did pretty well!

Ok thanks sir

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