Helicopterzzz’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

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Departing Runways 08L, 08R
Arriving Runways 08L, 08R
Pattern Works Acceptable


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I was M-01 just now :)

A few things I noted, if I may:

  1. When I requested to change runway, you gave me my pattern entry and clearance twice for both.

  2. When I was done with my final pattern and wanted to come to a full stop, I used “Report Position” to indicate I was coming to a “Full Stop”.

You replied with a “Please avoid unnecessary reports…to land”.

It was to report that I was coming for a full stop, and not continuing the pattern. It had nothing to do with landing clearances, like the command suggests.

  1. You instructed multiple aircraft to change frequency, literally right after they took off. Give aircraft some time, as takeoff and landing are the toughest parts of a flight.

  2. When I was on left downwind, you cleared an aircraft for immediate takeoff.

This is not needed, as I was still very far from my turn to base, and there was no need for that.

Later, noticing me turning to base, >5nm out, you again instructed said aircraft to “Please Expedite”.

Once again, I was still far away for any possible conflict, and that command was not needed.

  1. Know that transition altitudes are situational and can be changed for different situations. I was the only aircraft around, except for one other departing aircraft, which was already at around 4000ft AGL if I remember correctly, while I was around 3000ft AGL.

It could have been lower, maybe around 1000ft AGL, as there were no other aircraft in the airspace that could possibly conflict.

However, the assigned 2500ft was not wrong, I’m just pointing out a suggestion here.

All that apart, you did give me good pattern entries and clearances, and even spotted that I taxied through grass to save time at the end, instead of directly despawning :p


PS: For time, as seen in your first post in this thread, it’s better to use Zulu time or GMT, as it’s a standard time that pretty much everyone here uses, instead of a time format that some people might not be familiar with.

I gave you that because I messed up. I said right downwind but I meant left

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Just hoping in here if you mess up press correction stand by and then correct your mistake.

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I didn’t notice it until like a minute later

@MarkONE do you mind giving me a overall score out of 10

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Both pattern entries were “Enter right downwind Runway 08L…” though. Also, if you meant left downwind, It’ll be a ridiculous manoeuvre for me.

I think regardless how late you may have realised the mistake (1 minute isn’t actually all that long), it’s better to state that than not at all.

Going back, if your pattern entries were different (eg: one for left downwind, the other for right downwind), I think anyone, not just me, will be able to tell that it was a wrong command on your part. However, when you said that, it confused me as I clearly recalled both being right downwind.

On a separate note, since I just found it looking through the replay, I was instructed by you to line up and wait on the runway while the other aircraft was almost airborne, at the end of their takeoff roll.
Whenever possible, the LUAW command should be skipped and the takeoff clearance command should be issued instead, in consideration of how long the latter aircraft takes to start their takeoff roll.

Quoting the IFATC Manual:
“If the first aircraft is already rolling, ask yourself how long it will take the second aircraft to line up on the runway and commence their take-off roll. If the assumption can be made that the first aircraft will be airborne, then you can save yourself the extra command and just clear the next aircraft for take-off”

I haven’t seen you in action in an airspace with more than just me and a departing aircraft, so I can’t be the judge of that. I myself am learning to be IFATC, like you, but my knowledge is limited in certain aspects, and I don’t deem myself suitable to critique others.

What I’ve mentioned above are simply what I’ve observed during your session, and I may be wrong. Please check with a senior or IFATC member if you’re unsure of anything or find any discrepancies :)

@MarkONE seems like a pretty knowledgable person with a thorough explanation, so props to him for that. I’m just gonna pop in and say something.

Transition altitudes are always, always at or above 2500 AAL. This is to ensure a safe separation between aircraft in the pattern (even if there are none). To calculate a transition altitude, simply add 2500 to the airport elevation and then round up to the nearest 500. Hope this helps. :)

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Oh no, I assumed it’d be safe for aircraft to go lower than 2500AAL if there’re no other aircraft.

Sorry @Helicopterzzz, ignore what I said about the transition stuff.

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Departing Runways: 18
Landing Runways 18

Had to cut short to 30min. Sadly no one came

The airport looks like a arrow

I’m open @KBOI

Departing Runways 28L, 28R
Arriving Runways 28L, 28R

I’m coming

What’s going to be your call sign

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I’m open @YSSY

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