Helicopterzzz’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A

Hello this will be the start to my ATC tracking thread.

•Pattern Work Allowed
•Please don’t troll
•Feedback very understandable to make a list and practice it

Just a word of advice - if you don’t want trolls, don’t open an airport 50 miles away from KLAX on Training Server ;)

Thanks to the people that came!

Before opening a thread I recommend you see all the official IF tutorials!

-I sent you Remaining in the pattern and you just gave me cleared for take off normal and I did not know which side to turn
-When I was in the air you sent me change frequency twice
-I report you position with T & G to give me Cleared for the option and you never did
-You sent me that you had already authorized me entry when I reported you final so that you could give me authorization

Oh yes the part of the “frequency change approved” it was my fault because I did not even see that you said “remaining in the pattern”.

Also for the “already cleared to land” it’s because you said it like 4 times and i learned that the controller gets it the first time. That’s why it’s unnecessary

You need to clear him to land. Based off what he said and shared, you have to clear him for take him and give him a left or right pattern. After he takes off and gets on the left or right downwind or even as he enters the downwind, if there are other planes on the downwind you must give him a sequence and if he’s the only plane on the downwind pattern you don’t need to sequence him. Once he is sequenced and on the downwind you can then clear him for the option. Don’t need to say left or right pattern again if you want him to go on the same pattern as when he first took off. If he reports he is on a downwind and is inbound for a full stop landing you can clear him for landing instead of option. If after clearing him, he reports he is inbound for landing or what then you can issue the “unnecessary reports” to him.

Hope that helps!

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Also, saying you didn’t see him say that he want to take off and remain in the pattern won’t be accepted as an excuse from IFATC because when you click on an aircraft you can see the whole log of what they requested and said and as such should have been able to see he wanted to remain in the pattern. Now if he said remaining in the pattern but heads off after take off then you can say change frequency as they clearly are not staying in the pattern.

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As he says @nk1021 never allowed me the entry, that’s why I told you my position four times and in no case did you send me the right thing! I recommend you to put 100% your attention when you open a thread since any error you have for the IFATC is not valid and you retest

Based upon what’s been said above, it looks like you need some practice. Here is the link to the YouTube tutorials, and Trio linked the ATC manual in the last reply. Good luck! :)

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I am changing it to bob hope (Burbank) and I’m open now

Open now @KOSH

Pattern work is acceptable

I’m open now at KFAT

I will stop by!

@Helicopterzzz you need to watch the IFATC tutorials.

Start with: Tower Basics Tutorial - YouTube
and then:
Advanced Tower Tutorial - YouTube

and the other videos at:

You need to understand what a pattern is. Left pattern means left turns, right pattern means right turns. Besides giving me conflicting patterns to enter into, you never gave me clearance for the option for landing which is why I did the go around.

Please also read this post from Anton with the “Golden Rules”:

Looking forward to seeing you controlling more.

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I’m joining in!

Any plane in particular?

I was limited by my connection but there was one thing that I noticed that needed improvement. I was cleared for takeoff and you told me to make left traffic. When you cleared me for the option, you don’t say make left traffic again. You simply say cleared for the option

No larger than 737 or A320

Okay! Joining in a TBM