Does anyone else want a helicopter in the game? Think of it short flights from one airport to another.

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I actually think this is a great idea! Make sure you post this topic in the Features request category though…

Here at infinite flight we don’t like helis

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Here’s a link to the feature request topic

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I don’t think IF has any intention of adding helicopters

Closest they got was an April fools post


Sorry, we don’t do that here. ;) I think all the moderation team can agree on that one, right guys?

It would be really great to have helicopters in the sim. I understand that there will be some challenges on the airspace management front. However this could def be managed with procedures, NOTAMS and routing. On the latter, some busy cities such as Los Angeles and London have dedicated helicopter routes in real life. This helps with managing rotary wing traffic and deconflicting the airspace

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