Ok. Let me explain, before you hit me with rocks and kick me off of the IFC. I think adding helicopters would be a cool addition as it would give a lot more diversity to the game. With a couple of helicopter pads at some airports I think it would be fitting. Also the name is infinite FLiGHT I say flight in capitals as it implies flying, not just by planes.

Here’s an example of one model that could be added.
Airbus helicopters H160
The H160 is the newest airbus helicopter. It is a medium class so it is not to big but also not to small. Specs:
Max speed: 150 knots
Range: 420 nm
MTWO:5670 kg
It is technically not out but it is planned to enter service in 2020, if this gets enough votes it could become a thing.
Ps someone change this to the correct topic

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You need to be TL2 in order to post in #features

Please check this post out.

Oh well I copied it sooo can one of you post it? And say it was my idea?

Vote here.



This belongs in #features

Furthermore you’ll need to be in TL2(Member) to make feature requests right now you’re in TL1(Basic User) keep liking and contributing and you’ll get to TL2(Member) in no time

Also @Altaria55 has posted something related to this which you can vote on

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Ok. Thanks guys

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I think helicopters would be a great idea, but that’s not the way to ask for them. Simply leaving a vote in the #features Category will do. No plans have been yet thought for adding them. 🤷‍♂️

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Well let’s role the dice and see what the outcome is

Yeah I had a better article then his though so I’m sad…

And don’t beat me with rocks

No one will ok 😉

Ok good but seriously I thought you had to provide a detailed description as to why you want that?

If you are creating a feature request, yes you have to do that, but in your cause there’s already a topic asking for helicopters, so just go on that topic and show your support.