Hi there, just like the tittle says. Are we going to have Helis in this simulator? Please, explain why do you think we should or shouldn’t have them in here. I would love to see a Bell 429 in Infinite Flight some days.

We need Helicopters in the Simulator
Add helicopters
New helicopters?
Helicopters in IF
Add helicopters
Odds of helicopters making it to the sim, would people use them?
Infinite Flight 18.2 Release
Should Infinite flight add Helicopters
When will we see helicopters in infinite flight?
Infinite Flight Bucket List!
Bell 214ST
Possibility of a rotor wing aircraft
Helicopters & other unique aircraft: Solo and/or expert server only
Helicopters & other unique aircraft: Solo and/or expert server only

i would love any kind of hellicopter, but long way till there! or even never!


They say someday but I think that they would have some trouble with that considering they don’t choose to make one yet.

Long live the DC-9!


If we get helicopters without proper landing zone and people not following traffic pattern, The airport may end up looking like scene from michael bay movie 😉


That’s a whole new set of physics, it might take a while.


I wouldn’t mind seeing a few choppers here and there. Small commercial ones, private ones, TV stations, police, MEDIVACs, Coast Guard, Military… That would be awesome…


Oh yes! I would love this. I highly doubt it’ll come soon though because of bugs and stuff. They’ll also have to work really hard because they’ll have to be a new physics engine.


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Yep, that one too, definitely…


For now we have the super decathlon and adjustable wind settings :-p.

TRY THIS: Helicopter Trick!

Great idea


Wait, there are helicopters in IF?


No, there are none


What was that video that @zhris made?


A Super Decathlon in Solo mode, he set the wind at maximum speed and “took off” against the wind. Since the Super Decathlon can pretty much takeoff at 50 kts, it seems like he was taking off like a helicopter.


Oh, ok! (filler)


Yeah, exactly as Swang put it. Its the closest we have at the moment to the real thing. Pretty tricky to land softly back on the helipad.


I have another helicopter suggestion Bell 222 or better known as airwolf


nice flight


Max Sez… @zhris. I’m a “D” Driver Chris. The video was great! We should get together after the holiday and put a “D” flying circus together. What say you?