How awesome would it be to have helicopters in IF? They’re challenging but they are fun. I think helicopters would really spice up Infinite Flight as we know it. Feel free to comment.

No thank you we would get so many trolls hovering above the end of the runways blocking you from landing.


This one has a few votes on it already. Maybe requesting a specific (Make/Model). But otherwise this would be considered a duplicate.


I respectfully disagree.

A. I’d be impressed if the troll had the dedication to learn how to hover a helicopter. My point is most of them probably wouldn’t be able to hold a hover and hence block the runways.

B. We have moderators and ghosting for a reason. A troll doing such a thing is a blatant violation and would be handled accordingly. Wouldn’t it be easier to catch a user committing a violation with a hovering helicopter vs a fast moving airplane?


I agree with you there but it might temporarily cause a nuisance for other circumstances but I’m pretty sure something will work out like creating a server for only planes and another for helicopters and planes

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Agreed! People don’t realize how awesome IF would be with helicopters. It would bring some great variety to the sim.

Airplanes & helicopters fly just fine together in real world airspace where there’s a lot of complexity. I can’t imagine ATC handling airplanes and helicopters in Live being that bad.

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