Helicopters & other unique aircraft: Solo and/or expert server only


As we all know Infinite Flight promotes aviation to its fullest. As such I think it would be awesome to have helicopters and other unique aircraft such as sea planes, etc in the fleet as well.

That said, we’re all very well aware that trolls have abused many of the great things that FDS has designed and implemented to give the community a great simming experience. If these aircraft were developed I’m concerned trolls would use them for nefarious purposes in Live.

As such, I propose the idea of FDS designing helicopters , etc in the future for solo mode only and/or the expert servers only.

Curious to hear what the community thinks. As always, feel free to elaborate on why you have the opinion you have. Thanks.

A quick search can yeild some good information
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Old topic but still open.


I closed the old one :)

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And it still does. Carry on. 🙄