Helicopters in RWA

I’m quite confused here, I know RWA is for non IF related aviation posts, but there seems to be no posts about helicopters. So I just wanted to know if there is a reason for this, are you not allowed to or are there just very few people interested in them?
Thank you in advance.

No, there is no problems as far as I’m aware. They probably don’t come up much because there are no Helis in IF.

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You are free to post helicopters! Go ahead :)

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Helicopters are real world aviation so yes they can be posted there.

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I was just confused as the only helicopter posts in this forum seem to be feature requests

Helis are generally overlooked when discussing aviation.

For example, there are 3 heliports conveniently placed in New York City where you can go right up to the fence and no one cares if you take photos. But, I’ve never bothered to planespot there.