Helicopters in Maintenance!

Here’s our currently helicopters in MX

Our Bell 212 and Bell 206L3!

The Main rotor head of the Bell 212

Intake of the PT6s on the Bell 212.

tail rotor of the Bell 212 a closer look at it!

The Allison 250 Engine of the Bell 206 L3!


I’m not a helicopter geek but these are great photos to see some of the ‘internal plumbing’!


Glad you enjoy these!
Yeah it’s interesting when you see inside a helicopter!

How many flight mechanics are in to repair PT6s. Do you think it might take a while for maintenance to look over what looks to be the rotors? I don’t want to see these in repair for such a while and not in action.

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We currently have two working on the 212 and 1 on the 206L3.

All depends on what’s going on with the rotors if they’re working on it. They’re going over the engines and exterminating every little part

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