Helicopters at risk of mid-air failure, federal regulator warns northern Australia operators


The Australians are yet once again making news about mechanical failure involving the Robbinson R22 and R44 series helicopter. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has warned pilots operating R-22 or R-44 helicopters in the northern regions of Australia about the risks, particularly those using them for mustering that key engine component is wearing out much faster than it should — possibly because of a change to aviation gas composition — and it may cause a mid-air failure.

Though It is not yet clear if other operators of piston aircraft should take precautions.Many in the aviation community have been privately expressing concerns for the past 12 months about the large number of helicopter engines with cylinders that have eroded or become damaged after only a few hundred hours in the air. The Australians have now declared this a problem, saying “increasing evidence of premature exhaust valve and valve guide wear, due to elevated combustion temperatures that will lead to degraded engine performance”.


Why haven’t Robinson fixed it by now? Why haven’t they modified the design? If they are selling faulty helicopters, then they need to be the ones to change that.

They’re not faulty helicopters, I haven’t had an issue with them yet. Though Australia is always known for abusing their Robbies extremely bad specially with mustering.

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Before I ask this, I believe you 100% however for my own education do you have any links I could go scope out?

Interested to read into the background of this and learn more about the possible causes.

There’s a few news articles online which you can google. CASA also has a warning issued about this.

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