Helicopters are cool, being fired for an illegal flight isn't

Philip Kekana officially became a pilot in May 2019, and now he will probably never fly again.
The first flight he took after becoming a certified pilot was an unauthorised flight to his Kasi, Seshego, Polokwane in Limpopo.


Philip flew over 250 KM from Pretoria to Seshego just to tell his married ex-girlfriend that he does not miss her at all. According to eyewitnesses, Philip hovered the helicopter in front of his former love’s house, he then used the loudspeaker to tell her to come out of the house.
“When she came out of the house he landed the chopper, walk up to her with the loudspeaker and screamed I DON’T MISS YOU to her face and then go back to the chopper and fly away”. said an eyewitness who said he knew Philip. “He really loved that girl”

The helicopter was found in the bushes and Philip was caught at a local petrol station buying fuel with a 5-litre oil can.

Apparently, his ex got married two weeks after he started his training with the SAPS and he is still very pissed.

The SAPS said he had been fired. He would undergo a mental evaluation to determine whether further disciplinary steps would be taken.

“There is no telling where else he would have taken the helicopter if it did not ran out of juice”

“It a shame we had to let him go, the boy had something in him. He never showed any red flags before. Besides the fact that he was always showing everyone a picture of his ex-girlfriend he was a very chilled guy.”


I feel like a gif would better represent my reaction to this.


I know gifs are frowned upon due to limited storage, but I feel like this substantially adds to the topic.


This is my new favorite helicopter story lol


Was that in Florida? 😂


I could see Florida man doing this, this was in South Africa


He does if he had to do all that just to tell her, Jealous. If he didn’t miss her he’d let it go.

Also this story sounds like something out of a movie!

He likely caused very large risks by doing that, he basically hijacked the chopper and he lost his job.

Was it really worth it??


Relationships make you do silly things


I guess if you want to go with the cool factor I can’t think of a cooler way to tell someone off lol


Lol anything involving a helicopter is cooler for sure

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At least it wasn’t a gunship 🤷‍♂️


Lmao. Not many stories where helicopters land in driveways. My dad landed in one when he relished someone stole a deer mount of his. Just landed walked in the garage and took it. But this looks like something off the bachelorette

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What to do when you miss your ex


Love (or hate) can make you do crazy things. This is a key example. Honestly, I’d expect this thing as a “Florida Man” headline, the story is that odd. Really unfortunate he got fired because of his hate (once love) towards his ex.


God mode activated

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Love… Is a many splendid thing!

@DasMarc I always get excited when you comment you post the best things lol


This is the funniest and weirdest story I’ve seen about a helicopter… Well done Capt XD

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Sometime the Helicopter Gods give us a great story every blue moon 😂

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Haha! Yes indeed!

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Pretty much my reaction reading this. 🤣

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