Helicoptering Around Duluth

Hello IFC!

Last September, I took a helicopter tour over Duluth, Minnesota, and thought I’d share some pictures I took.

Just after taking off from a helipad at KDLH, we turned southeast, down towards this city.

Duluth is located right on Lake Superior, and is absolutely stunning from above. The winds were tossing us around a little bit, but nothing terrible.

That’s Enger Tower, built in the late 1930s in Enger Park. It is currently the highest building in Duluth.

The famous Duluth Ariel Bridge! Northern Minnesota is Iron Ore country, and ships come in daily to take it out to sea via the Great Lakes. This bridge can lift up to let the boats pass under. Just beyond this bridge is Superior, Wisconsin.

Ah, downtown Duluth! The tall, black building next to the crane is the headquarters of one of the United States’ largest Iron Ore mining companies, NorthShore Mining.

Coming back to the airport to land, we can see the small terminal. Despite its little size, the airport features an impressive 11,000 foot main runway, capable of handling an Airbus A380 (which happened once in 2012, when a BA A380 diverted due to a medical emergency).

A private E175 loading up for a flight to Goose Bay.

A CRJ-700 butters in after a short hop from Minneapolis.

Hope you enjoyed!


Very cool! I’ve never been on a helicopter, although I’m planning on trying a blade flight JFK-Manhattan

I’ve seen some very low helicopters though, including NYPD helicopters landing on grass, twice!

Nice! That sounds like fun!

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I have a cabin about an hour up the coast of Lake Superior from Duluth, and I have to say, some of the scenery is stunning.

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That looks so beautiful! You should check out “pixley falls” if you’re ever in Rome NY!

I’ll keep that in mind, thanks!

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