Helicopter testing at YWLM?

Just saw @LachyRobertson over at YWLM flying circuits. From the way it was flying it almost looked like a heli. He was flying slow, with sharp turns, unlike what an aircraft could do.

He also took off from the helicopter spawn!


I could be wrong - this could just simply be the XCub, but you never know…


It is probably the XCub as it is currently in flight testing.


It looks too much like a helicopter though. The manoeuvres and speed kind of made it seem like it.

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Yeah but the flight physics of the XCub and having STOL capability in real life probably is the reason why it looks like this.


Xcub can fly at insanely low airpeeds. We arent interested in helicopters in this sim, there are no plans to add them.


It just seemed too much unlike a plane XD


Not true at all

There’s a group of us. It’s probably the XCub it has extremely slow speed ability


The vast majority of people only want fixed wing aircraft, and the staff have made no mention of rotary aircraft being added. May happen eventually but ultimately there’s just not enough demand for it. Helicopters just don’t have the appeal of fixed wing flight.

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And I would agree 100% of that statement, Laura did mention in the past that she tried it and it worked. What I don’t agree with is you saying people arent interested with rotor wing In the game, just like when the A10 came out ton of people said no one was interested in Military aircraft


Have you tried Aerofly? this is the other mobile sim and they have helicopters. On this it only has 35 votes. It’s wishful to think it will ever happen based on that and how many other airplanes/features which are highly demanded need to be developed.

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Yes I have other games, feel free PM me about helicopters on IF if you like don’t want to blow this thread up about it


@RotorGuy thanks :)


I gotta agree helicopters are awesome! Would love to see it in the game hd scenery or not.

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Do you speak for the community as a whole @danielsun36 ?

Can’t a pilot hope!

This is “the” only mobile sim :)


Well said :)

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I some times play X-Plane 10LOL