Helicopter shot

What and how do you need to communicate with ATC when taking a shot of a helicopter?

helicopter shot means taking a picture from the sky by plane (TBM, cessna), not by helicopter.
I’m Japanese, so I use translation. Sorry for the incomprehensible


You need to request a transition from tower.


thank you! That helps a lot!

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Your topic was closed before . I don’t understand why open the same topic again ??

There are no helicopters… I’m not sure if it would make fun to shot an invisible object

He says Cesna or TBM, not helicopter, only helicopter SHOT

There was a misunderstanding… previous topic everyone thought he meant taking shot of a helicopter, while he clarifies what he means by an helicopter shot in this topic.

The answer would be a transition I believe :)

A helicopter operates with see and avoid (VFR) and is in contact with ATC

It depends on the different airspace

I heard multiple times on the KLAX Approach Final Frequency “ Helicopter @ 3000 Feet , 7 o’clock 5 miles away on the south complex . Report traffic in sight “ when a plane is visual

I think the helicopter stays with tower / approach and depends on the airport & airspace’s

And it depends to the country :))

There is no helicopter in question. He isn’t asking about helicopters.

Ah 😅 Thanks

Tower & Approach in this case

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I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you everyone😓

Nah they’re just lost in their thoughts.

Thank you for clearing this up for anyone willing to do the same in the future.

Now we know we may ask for transition above the airport to the ATC.

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Asking for a transition will allow you to pass trough the tower’s airspace at a safe altitude that the tower will give you. You will then be able to move trought it’s airspace. Just ask for a departure or a inbound for landing / touch n’ go after you are done and they should issue you a pattern entry or a departure approval with freq. change.

Don’t forget to share the pics!

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Don’t worry

So you want to do that on the Expert server ?

If You have discord and access to the Infinite Flight server contact the controller and tell/ask him about your intentions.

Something like ヘリ写真
Is spoken “heri shashin” = helicopter photo
(maybe ヘリショット?)
heri sounds like aerial, as in “aerial photography”
I think you needed 航空写真, which is actually aerial photography?

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