Helicopter Sea Rescue by a Cliff!

Hello, IFC,

Here is a quite unexpected spotting topic

I was having a walk on the coast on a windy day, enjoying the weather and the sea. I start hearing a faint chopping sound, and as I turn around, I see a military helicopter trying to stay stable near a cliff in windy weather.

I whip out my camera (always with me ;)

Here are some pictures of someone being saved while drowning… (I assume).

A soldier being dropped into the water with a line.

The soldier coming back up without anything

Then, the helicopter did a 180 turn, and dropped the soldier again

After a few minutes, the soldier came up with something with them (looks like legs)

and after boarding the heli, it flew right above me.

If anyone could help me find out what was being saved, I would love that!

This concludes my first heli spotting topic

Remember, always bring your camera :)

I hope you like these unexpected pics!

Thank you!


I’ve seen some of that kind of stuff on Coast Guard Alaska and it’s crazy to say the least. I’d imagine that whoever they were rescuing was on the cliff not the water. I don’t think anyone would last very long in those waters. Where was this?


Very cool pictures, not so very cool situation for whoever they were rescuing 😬


This was at Omaha Beach

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not very cool

me as an avgeek:

Drowns professionally with camera to have a heli come close for pics


Oh ok, I was a little confused because I was assuming this was in the Pacific Northwest where I assume you live because of your Sea Tac spotting pictures, but that’s definitely not a US helicopter. Ya hopefully the person was on the cliff or some sort of beach because if the water conditions down there are anything like the foreground of your picture they would be lucky to last half as long as it would take to get a helicopter out there in that kind of surf. Your be getting absolutely slammed by those waves into those rocks and one good hit to the head and that’s probably it. Not a good situation. May have been training or something too, who knows.


Nah that’s not a US heli.

I agree, I think it may have been the “oh this became an island and the water is rising” episode, as the tide was rising AND it was an equinox

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I misread the title and thought it said “Sea Helicopter Rescued by a Cliff!” lol

nice spots, never thought about photographing helis before, might try it

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It’s honestly much easier :P

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Maybe change the title to Helicopter Sea Rescue on a Cliff 😂

Great pictures!


Also, this thing looks like a stretcher being carried up. It’s too big to be an arm. 🤔

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Omaha Beach in Normandy?

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Yes, that one.

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Wow it looks a lot different.

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that’s high tide during an equinox :)

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