Helicopter Rescue Woosly Fire

An AW139 made an incrediable rescue on 9 November extracting three people and two dogs during the Woosly Fire here’s a cool video!


Wow, it’s quite amazing to see them fly directly into the smoke and land in such a small and tight area! Really shows the dedication of the individuals helping with the rescue! Made my day to see that those two dogs made it as well!

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Just saw this on our local news. They were in the right spot at the right time! Some amazing piloting skills considering they were full loaded with water - they reported that they were about to do a water drop when they made the rescue.

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That’s really cool! If only a plane could pull off emergency rescues like that 😅, that would be neat!

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My old job, I do miss it sometimes.

The S61 was a beast of a workhorse but the 109/139 was a joy to fly!



I would love to get typed on the S61s!! They’re such a beast of a machine!

The S61 was great, bugger to start thought, I seem to recall the complete start sequence, including blade spread, was about 150+ switches and selections!!! Dynamically unstable and needed constant attention! Bit like the wife! ;D

No FADEC in them there olden day yungen!!!

:D :D :D

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What an awesome way! Just the power and look of the S61 gets me, who you fly them for if you don’t mind me asking?!

Navy, Bristows and then Eurocopter (Now Airbus Helicopters)

(Royal Navy of course, there is, after all, only one ‘Navy’! ;D )

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Bristow just bought Columbia! Can’t believe it lol

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