Helicopter of the Day - Sikorsky S-92

This is one of the first helicopters I fell in love with. When I worked for Shell Alaska Venture. PHI’s S92’s was brought out to support our ships and rigs.

The 92 is a four bladed helicopter, categorized as a medium lift helicopter. The S-92 was developed from the Sikorsky S-70 (Civilian UH60) helicopter and has similar parts such as flight control and rotor systems. The H-92 Superhawk is a military version of the S-92 in the utility transport role, capable of carrying 22 troops. The H-92 can also be configured for specific missions, including search and rescue and executive transportation. The CH-148 Cyclone is a shipboard maritime helicopter variant under development for the Canadian Forces.
The VH-92 is a variant under development to replace the United States Marine Corps’ Marine One U.S. Presidential transport fleet.

Back in the 1970s after the oil crisis companies began to explore off coast for oil, going farther off coast meant they would need a helicopter to fly farther off coast. the S92 began development.
The helicopter is manned by two pilots, and is able carry up to 19 passengers. Since this helicopter is over 12,500lbs in the United States it is required to be flown by type rated pilots.
The S92 is powered by General Electric CT7-8A turboshaft engines, each producing 2,520 horse powers.

(Northslope SAR S92)

(PHI S92)

(Canadian CH148)

(Ireland Coast Guard S92)


Nice photos!! The Coast Guard one looks nice :)

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I really love PHI’s it looks extremely nice!

That blue color on the helicopter though! :O

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Looks like a really nice helicpoter. That gray color is so nice on it.

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