Helicopter of the Day- KMAX

I have not!
The largest thing under my belt is the Bell 412.

“no tail rotor the way I understand is that it has 2 eingens instead of sort of 1.5,”
So the KMAX has one engine, Typically tail rotors don’t have an engine the engine does drive them with the shaft.
No single engines aren’t insufficiency the Bell 206, UH1 and a ton of other helicopters use one engines, they can be very sufficiency! Our Single Engine 212 out performs the twin 212
The 412 vs the KMAX is completely different animal.

The KMAX is rated for a Single pilot to lift stuff only
The 412 is rated for a passenger/heavy lifter operation with either single or dual pilots.

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Ok thanks, Sorry my thinking there was all wrong, I don’t know much about helos…

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All good! Glad I can educate!

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Looks like a beluga version of helicopters!


Lol there’s bigger ugly machines

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