Helicopter Night Mountain Rescue (999 called)

I filmed this from my apartment in Ma On Sha, Hong Kong last night at 8:20pm.

At around 8:00pm we noticed SoS light signal in Morse Code being sent from across the mountain from us.

Since I knew there was definitely something wrong halfway up there, me and my family decided to call 999 (the equivalent of 911). All the lines were busy so we decided to call the Ma On Sha police station and we finally got an answer.

They immediately sent a GFS (Government Flying Service) Airbus H155 Helicopter to try find the hiker in need. After 30 minutes of searching they finally found him and lifted him up into the helicopter. Throughout the rescue I managed to produce a video out of it and take some photos.

Where we were (blue) and where the hiker in need was (red):

A photo of the hiker in need using the SOS signal in morse code using his phone flashlight before we called 999:

A photo of the Helicopter looking for the man before finding him:

The Helicopter about to lower and deploy a firefighter to rescue the man (red):

A photo of the man (left) being brought up to the helicopter with a firefighter (right):



amazing story! Glad the hiker is now safe. Good job on your part as well for recognising the issue!


Thanks mate!

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Wow incredible job taking care of the situation! This is a really interesting personal story. You may well have saved someone’s life.


Another great story of people helping each other out. Glad to know there’s still some good in this world. Reason I’m saying this, if you hadn’t called the police, or known Morse code, he may not have been saved as quickly, or at all. This is a great story, hope the hiker is doing ok now.


I sure do hope so! The reason why he was using a Morse Code SoS was because ethereal was no signal at that place in the valley (meaning that he could not use his mobile phone to call for help)!

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What an awesome story I must say! Well done mate!

Wow that’s awesome to hear! You deserve an award for this, hope the police contact you soon afterwards.

P.s. My grandparents live in City One, real close by


City One is nice ;D

Thanks B, appreciate it.


Well then, I may have to wait 14 hours, but merry Christmas!

Thanks mate - enjoy your wait; spend it well!

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