Helicopter Incident in Florida


Prayers, and waiting to hear more.


Police have released information:
The man was a 62 year old who was removing a power cart from the helicopter when the helicopter jolted causing the main rotor blade to strike the man. He was killed instantly.
Police don’t suspect foul play


Yikes, not sure what to even say - this is really sad to hear.


It is - Last time I heard of this was almost a year or two ago a naval guy was getting s helicopter ready walked right into the tail rotor his helmet kept him alive


Scary stuff!

That’s why always gotta be cautious around anything!


That’s crazy to think that something seemingly insignificant like a helmet kept him alive from a tail rotor to his head!


That’s crazy. Even though I have sympathy for this guy, and it’s very unfortunate that he died, this is why you don’t stand in front of a helicopter when it’s propeller is running.


I am not ok with posts like this in respect to the very young age of many of our users here in the forum. But that is just my opinion.


Thanks for your opinion, if you believe This topic isn’t allowed you may contact a moderator and if they close it I’ll respect their call


You can stand and walk under them, now tail rotors don’t. Anytime I preflight some one I explain the tail rotor will chop you up quickly don’t go to it and stay in my visual site

Now walking in front of or entering from a side of is fine as long as you have direct eye contact and the pilot waves you in


I made a video on it.

The music sucks, but… whatever


Oh god now way?! Decapitated? By a helicopter?! Im sad for his family, and im sad myself now 😢